Curry WTF IDK Chicken and Potatoes and Chicken Stock Recipe

This is how I make the curried whatever the hell that the kids and hubby actually like and eat, and what to do with your chicken waste, so that it isn’t. Waste, that is.

This is enough food to feed four people and still have enough leftovers to feed three more people. If you don’t purposefully make leftovers or aren’t feeding that many people, halve the recipe or whatnot.

For this, you’ll need:

  • 3lb package of chicken thighs, with skin and bones
  • 1lb potatoes
  • 2 cans of coconut milk around 400mL (seriously they come in like 400, 403, 402 mL sizes??)
  • 2 tbsp minced garlic
  • 1/2 stick of butter (preferred) or 1/4 cu margarine (if you must)
  • 3-4 tbsp curry powder
  • 1/4 tsp ground red cayenne pepper
  • salt (I used table salt, that’s what I had, so that’s what my measurements are for, other types of salt will have different measures)
  • freshly ground black pepper
  • large sauce pot, with a lid
  • that really big pot you boil your spaghetti noodles in, also with a lid
  • a rice cooker, because you’re not a pleb
  • rice for however much in your cooker serves the number of people you’re feeding OR makes 7-8 servings, if you’re okay with leftover rice, too
  • bay leaves, basil, ground sage, marjoram, yellow onion, celery center bits, whatever you’d like to season your chicken stock with
  • hand washing before and after handling raw foodstuffs because food safety is important
  • water, because completionism
  • holy crap cooking utensils because also completionism
  • omg you, you’re cooking this, put you on the list, too (unless you’re not, then put that other person on the list, I guess)

Aaaaand, let’s get started…

bite sized chunks of chicken
I prefer dark meat because you overcook your white meat. Also, it’s cheaper.

Take the skin off your thighs, pull the bones out, and set all that nonsense aside. Cut the rest up into bite size chunks.

dem bones dem bones
Mmm, bone and skin soup!

Put all those bones and skins into a large sauce pot. Add water, but not so much that it’ll boil over. Turn that burner on medium.

So much starch!

Peel your potatoes and cut them into cubes/chunks around 1/4″ – 1/3″. Sorry, this is a lot of chopping. Just so so so much chopping.

so much yes
Best kitchen tool ever invented!

Haha, I’m joking. Use a French fry cutter to do the bulk of it. If you don’t have one, stop everything and Go. Get. One. Right. Now. You need this in your life. Trust me.

offbrand medley
Store brand is cheapest brand.

Gather together everything you need for the curry dish. Mourn the absence of butter in your fridge (if you’re me).


Put that really big pot on just under medium, and we’re going to start adding things in, starting with the butter/margarine until it’s melted, then…

garlic and butter is best combo
You could add more garlic, y’know. If you want. Because it’s delicious.

Add in your garlic, and stir that mess around, then…

such delicious smell
I already feel like this is a lot of photos.

Add in your curry powder, closer to the 3 tbsp end if you’re not sure you like curry or up to the 4 tbsp end if you really like curry, and stir that up, too. It’ll start getting kind of paste-like, so you want to…

much chicken
I see you hiding, rice cooker pot.

Add in your chicken…

such cooking
I’m sorry about what I said about your white meat earlier.

Yup, totally added it in there…

happy chicken is tasty chicken
It’s just that so many people overcook poultry when they roast it, and then it’s so gross, it’s not just you…

Stir it up, like really well, because that pasty garlic and curry powder sticks to the bottom of the pot…

salt n pepa were so good
You don’t, though? Right? You use a thermometer so it’s never overcooked in the oven?

Add in your salt and pepper and stir that up, too. Note here that you’re also going to have to add salt at the end of cooking, so you could skip this part if you’re trying to cut back on sodium, but it’ll change the way your chicken tastes…

aww mmm push it, p-push it real good
I’m lying about all my exact measurements, I measure that shit by eye. It’s pretty accurate, tho. I double checked before adding things!

Holy shit, don’t forget to add like a tsp of salt to your chicken skin soup stock, because you’re going to have to start tasting it soon and you’ll otherwise be all, “wtf eww this is gross” if you don’t…

does anyone even notice alt text?
Seriously, sooo many photos.

Once your chicken’s stopped looking pink on the outside (but still isn’t fully cooked, mind you)…

picture of pouring coconut milk into pot
I am addicted to coconut milk.

Add in your coconut milk…

pouring in more coconut milk
I have to fight the urge not to immediately start drinking this pot before it’s even cooked. It’s soo good. If you’ve never had it in anything, you’re about to learn. OMFG. Nng.

…both cans, and stir it up. At this point you can turn the heat up a little past medium if you like…

chicken skin and bone soup
Humans can’t actually multitask. We’re still performing steps in a linear fashion. The more tasks we have going at once, the less likely we are to perform well at any one of them. True story.

Holy shit, stir that stock, that skin’s getting dried out floating on the top there!

boiling chicken stock
You know, right around this point, I remembered that I have a baggie of bones and skin in the freezer waiting to be made into stock. Ugh. I could have added them.

Yeah, that’s better…

simmering curry
Okay, around this point, I started spooning out bits to drink/eat regularly, to feed my addiction. There’s a legit reason I’m not hungry after I cook.

Once your curry whatnot has started to lightly simmer…

adding potatoes
I should finish turning my nail polish into jack o’lanterns. Maybe after this.

Add in your potatoes, stir it up…

pot with lid
Man, I wish I could grow a bad-ass moustache…

And put the lid on that puppy…

rice cooker
I’m not gonna lie. Rice cooker is #2 on my must-have list of kitchen gadgetry after French fry cutter. To put this in perspective, #3 is a cheese grater. I don’t consider knives and things to be gadgetry. Those are basic tools.

Now you’ll want to start your rice cooker. I don’t know about your rice preferences, but I find that you get better results if you first rinse the everloving crap out of your rice. Just go ahead and rinse off all that “enriched” shit that’s been added onto it, because that just screws with the consistency. Now ignore your rice cooker until it’s done, because that’s why you bought it.

another brand medley
Hey, most of these aren’t the original spices. I like to buy the little bags and refill my containers because it’s cheaper. All of these have gone a round except the sage. Don’t forget they all have a shelf life and to check yours regularly. Old spice is only good for dads and grandpas.

Gather up whatever spices you want to use for your chicken stock. You can also use exactly none of these.

onion and celery bits
Seriously, if you don’t consider onions and celery to be basic kitchen staples, I’m not sure we can be friends. Your only excuse is if your masterpiece dish is ramen and/or you burn boiling water.

For your chicken stock, I would also like to suggest yellow onion skin, onion, and the leafy bits from the center of the celery you should absolutely always have in your fridge because it’s a staple and wth if you don’t have it, you weirdo.

adding veg to the stock
After this addition, this starts to remind me of Thanksgiving. It smells like family and good food and drama.

Put in your seasonings (I’ve literally done two pinches, two pinches, two pinches, a leaf (or two if they’re little)), onion skins (for colour!), and celery bits…

onion quarters
I almost forgot about the onion itself. I was being distracted randomly by a very, very short zombie.

OMG don’t forget the onion, just cut it in half and then quarter that half, it doesn’t need to be perfect, you’re about to boil the crap out of it, anyway…

onion in stock
Holy crap this really is a lot of photos.

Into the stock it goes!

stock pot with lid
This is a caption.

Aand, put the lid on it…

checking curry consistency
I’m actually starting to get hungry again and I just ate three hours ago. Ugh. Stupid photos post.

While you were messing with that, your curry was cooking those potatoes. Stir it, making sure to scrape the bottom (just in case), and check a potato piece for consistency. You want it to be cooked through and firm in the center, but a little mushy on the outside. Put the lid back on if they’re not, and wait around, checking it and stirring it every so often.

When it hits that point, take the lid off and stir. Keep stirring until it thickens up a bit (you’re knocking the outsides off those potatoes and the starch and whatnot makes thickness, yay)…

adding frozen peas and carrots
Two muffins are roasting in an oven. The first muffin turns to the second, and says, “Hot in here, isn’t it?”

Then add in a a bag of frozen peas and carrots because you like to pretend that you’re a responsible adult that doesn’t just eat starches and protein.


  • one 1lb bag of frozen peas and carrots

Now, put the lid back on your curry pot…

more chicken stock pot with lid
The second muffin looks at the first and says, “Holy shit! A talking muffin!”

Your stock is coming along nicely…

seriously doesn't google images use these or something? curry pot with lid again
Mmmm muffins. I think we were talking about making some blueberry muffins for an after dinner snack.

And the frozen peas and carrots are getting thawed and heated and whatsit…

two pots cooking side by side on stove top
I’m not sure what happened with the muffin thing, though, as everyone’s left the main rooms and gone off into their bedrooms now.

Stand back and admire your handiwork!

rice cooker finished cooking
I mean, it’s fine, I can eat all the muffins by myself. I don’t mind.

Oh! The rice cooker is done now!

fluffing rice cooker rice
Or, I suppose I could go get another bowl of curry. I mean, that is why I make extra – so that there’ll be leftovers to eat.

Don’t forget to CAREFULLY fluff your rice when it’s done (don’t scrape up that non-stick surface, you savage!)

bowl of chicken potato peas carrots curry over rice
Muffins do sound so good, though. But then again, look at this. This was delicious. Maybe I want this again.

And serve your curry over rice to your grateful family.

Enjoy your dinner!

straining chicken stock
You know what I could really go for, though? Out of all the possible options I could get at this hour? A Taco Bell cravings box. What the hell is wrong with me?

After dinner, strain all the nonsense out of your chicken stock…

homemade chicken stock

Add salt to taste, let it cool, put it in an airtight container (or bag if you’ve got the skills, risktaking urge), and freeze for later use!


Yay, food!